The New Las Vegas The Venetian Resort Macau

The Venetian Resort is dominated by a 225-meter-high angled hotel bar with 39 floors and 3000 suites. These suites are relatively inexpensive and are subsidized according to the Las Vegas principle in order to attract the required masses of players to the casino. A 111,000 square meter conference center, a fully equipped theatre and an event arena with 15,000 seats were added to complement the hotel operations and guarantee of capacity utilization. The 30 restaurants and 350 shops distributed throughout the complex occupy an area of ​​149,000 square meters. The personnel costs in the complex are calculated at around 25,000 employees, which corresponds to one in five Macau jobs.
The “Venetian Macao Resort Hotel Casino” is framed (as well as its two thirds smaller model in Las Vegas) from the replica of Venetian gondola canals with street fronts under an artificial sky, in the same twilight mood. The decor is not only lavish, but also “Venetian” magnificent. In China necessary, the Chinese lucky charms, fish or the like, were skilfully inserted into the equipment (everywhere near the casino). The Campanile from St. Mark’s Square is located outside. Although it is reproduced in its original size including the tower figure (98.6 meters), it seems almost lost in front of the mighty hotel wall. A large pond puts the system in the right light, especially in the dark. I can’t describe it better for you, you just have to see it to get a complete feeling for the incredible dimensions.

These investments, and the attendance that it attracts, allow the Macau Prime Minister to pay every Macanese (from new-borns to 100 years old) a check for 5000 patacas from the budget surplus at the end of each year. This special payment is also intended to appease all Macanese who have not yet benefited from the boom.